Grad Shout Out

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Do you have a graduating High School Senior in your family?  A best friend in their final year at university?  This year’s graduating class has had a unique experience in their final year.  Most have not had a prom or formal dance, a graduation ceremony, or other milestone events as a result of the precautionary measures take against the Covid-19 virus.  Wild Country 96.5 would like to acknowledge those students in a special way with Grad Shout Outs.  Your chance to let your Grad know just how wonderful they are and excited you are for them.

When recording your message, please be sure you use both your names (first).  Here’s a sample:

“This is Lisa and I just want my son Joel to know how proud his father and I are of him and we are very excited that he’s chosen a path that he’s passionate about.  Although we don’t know what college or university will look like in the fall, don’t worry you’ll be great.  We love you!

Have Fun with it! You have up to 30 seconds for your message, but you do not need to use the full 30 seconds. Once you are done, simply wait for the timer to hit 0, then hit continue, enter a title, name, email (you will receive approval email), then post your Grad Shout Out (comment).

Please note if you are viewing this on your Android or Google phone, it will ask you to download the app to start the process.  It’s simple and quick.

Stay Tuned…We will begin airing the Grad Shout Outs on June 1st.